Alliance has successfully helped many national, regional and local businesses expand their Florida, Georgia and Southeastern operations. The permitting and licensing approval processes can make new building constructions, expansions and even simple site modifications a hassle for businesses. But from nationwide franchises to homegrown stores, Alliance has helped businesses of all types cut through the red tape and gain access to local and regional markets. Here are just a few of our success stories:


Helping Chase install a series of ATMs required organizing, filing and monitoring permit applications for a variety of districts and projects. All locations required permits for building improvements, new easements, change of use permits and refreshing of existing permits.

We provided constant updates from the clients and worked with regional contractors to keep the project on schedule. Due diligence surveys helped get the properties ready for ATMs and anticipate any issues.


We were able to acquire the building permits for the regional sandwich shop chain. We worked with the client to cover the regulatory requirements for several districts. This franchise expansion included landlord approvals and signage permits, where each municipality imposed their own standards and regulations. Our experience before each of these authorities helped speed the process and get the locations ready for construction and store openings.


Alliance helped expand this national chain’s presence in Jacksonville by managing the health and building permit review timetables, meeting response times and coordinating closely with the client and the building and health departments. We were able to work with multiple locations and application processes while ensuring all needed paperwork was successfully completed.


Permitting is an essential part of planning a subdivision. We assisted Jacksonville-based Advantage Home Builders with all the permitting, documentation and reports needed to get the project rolled-out quickly. The experts at Alliance produced a manageable time frame for Advantage Home Builders production schedule and expedited and managed all of the approval process. We prepared the contractor and other construction professionals ready for the permitting process and got them ready for hearings and other inspections and reviews. Our experience with the local municipalities helped streamline the process.

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